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Entertainment in Hue

Cinema in Hue, one of the most beautiful cities of Vietnam too has changed a lot and is now more equipped for a better show to the audience.

Shopping in Hue is typically characterized by the Vietnamese local market tradition, where the artisanship and culture offered is more than usually found elsewhere. The merchandise sold is Hue is similar to those available in other places in Vietnam, but what sets shopping in Hue apart from shopping in the rest of the country is that the highly regarded cultural souvenirs are more prominent here. Thus, it is the best place to collect souvenirs. Hue conical hats (Non) are famous throughout Vietnam and are an important collector's item for anyone who visits the city.

The sun has sunk, not the spirit! Its time to freak out under the neon. Its night in Hue and the city is 'not' sleeping. As the night sets the party freaks come alive! All the spots created for the nightlife too comes alive till the wee hours of the day. The bars and pubs in Hue run to full capacity serving to the taste and needs of their customers.

Ha noi
Condition:Mostly Cloudy
Temp: 72 °F| 22 °C
Ho Chi Minh
Condition:Partly Cloudy
Temp: 81 °F| 27 °C
Temp: 71 °F| 22 °C
Da Nang
Condition:Light Rain
Temp: 77 °F| 25 °C